Google makes a lot of changes over the course of a developer preview, and sometimes those changes end up reverted before the final release. That may be the case for the quick settings, which changed a lot in DP1. No, not the overall style, which is still very different than Oreo. The layout in DP2 (above right) has, however, returned to the paginated version.

In the first preview, Google gave the quick settings a significant overhaul. Visually, the quick settings had large, round icons with more padding around them. The first dev preview also made the quick settings vertically scrollable. On Oreo and earlier, your settings icons would flow onto a second page—just swipe over to access them.

The look of the quick settings has not changed in DP2, but it's back to the old paginated layout from Oreo instead of the scrolling version. You get a 3 x 3 grid of quick settings icons (9 total) before they spill over to the next page. Again, this is beta software. The final build of P could still end up using the vertical scrolling QS, or it could be a different version of what we have now.