We're taking this leak with a grain of salt: it's either a perfectly executed set of Photoshopped images (along with very accurate timestamps) or the real deal. Supposing that it's real, Gabriel Bryne, whom I can't find anything tangible about, has somehow managed to get his hands on the Android P DP2 beta and installed it on his Pixel. He then did what any sensible man with a super secret Android release would do and took a bunch of screenshots and images of the interface.

One of the most obvious changes is the addition of the previously rumored gestures for navigation. A new Swipe up on Home button setting is available, letting you activate the gesture. When enabled, the Overview button (Recents) disappears from the right. According to the text, a swipe up switches apps and another swipe up displays all your apps. I'm not sure how to interpret that. It could mean that one swipe switches to the previous app (like a double tap on Overview does now) and two swipes opens the new landscape scrolling app switcher. It could also mean that one swipe opens the app switcher while two show your app drawer.

Either way, this is how the horizontal app switcher looks. And it seems to be the case whether you've enabled the home gesture or not. Say goodbye to your vertical scrolling switcher.

Is that a scrolling bar to go through the apps in the second screenshot? Yes. We'll get back to it.

There are also two new settings. One of them is Prevent ringing which lets you stop your phone's ringing by pressing power and volume up together (it's unclear if that activates DND or just silences the call you're getting now) and the other is Adaptive battery which limits battery drain from infrequently used apps.

Gabriel also shared some images taken from DP2, which you can see in this Google Photos album. There's nothing tangible there, except a confirmation based on his finger placement, that the home button becomes a scrolling bar through recent apps when gesture navigations are enabled.


Expand these to see the shadow of his finger placement vs the app switcher. It's a scrolling bar.

Honestly, it's this last bit that makes me think the leak might be legit. As far as I recall, no previous rumor or screenshot about the gesture navigation had mentioned anything about the home button becoming a scrolling bar, and this seems too elaborate to be faked. But then again, we've seen far more convoluted fake leaks before, so anything goes.

We only have nine more hours to wait for I/O and the announcement of P DP2 beta, so we can have fun speculating for a bit.

Gabriel has updated the Google Photos album linked above with new screenshots and a video of the gestures in action. From what I can tell, it seems like scrolling through apps will be possible even before you trigger the gesture up navigation, which is indeed very neat. It will make it possible to go back to the previous app very easily.

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