Android P is going to bring a lot of changes to our favorite mobile OS, and one of those is called App Actions. The concept should sound familiar: Android will attempt to offer you suggestions on what to do next with your phone.

The idea behind Actions isn't necessarily the same as previous iterations; instead, Google's focus is to help get to your next task (not just app) quicker. The example given is if you plug your headphones in, your phone will suggest to resume your favorite Spotify playlist.

"Across the platform, your phone will help you better navigate your day, using context to give you smart suggestions based on what you like to do the most and automatically anticipating your next action. App Actions, for instance, help you get to your next task more quickly by predicting what you want to do next. Say you connect your headphones to your device, Android will surface an action to resume your favorite Spotify playlist. Actions show up throughout Android in places like the Launcher, Smart Text Selection, the Play Store, the Google Search app and the Assistant."

An important thing to note is that Actions is not just a list of suggested apps. It works in the launcher, yes, but also in Smart Text Selection, the Play Store, Search, and Assistant. So even though I'm skeptical, I have to admit that I'm quite curious to see how this works out.