Every month Google's ritual of regular security updates keeps our Pixel and Nexus devices safe from both real and imaginary electronic boogeymen. These updates usually land sometime in the first week of the month, and like clockwork, here they are. Google has just posted both the May 2018 OTA files and system images for its Pixels and remaining supported Nexus devices, as well as the latest general Android and first-party security bulletins. 

Builds are available for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel C, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X. OTA files are easily sideloadable for the impatient, as it may take a bit for the update to land via traditional means. If your bootloader is unlocked, you can also flash the full system images.

Last month's multiple Nexus 6P builds have been reunified into a single image. This time around it's the Pixel 2 and 2XL that get branched into different updates, though, with no information provided outside the slightly different build numbers (OPM2 and OPM4 prefixes, indicating different code branches like the previous Telus/Koodo builds).

The general Android security bulletin for May has also been posted, and the Pixel/Nexus specific information is also available. Unlike last month's avalanche of fixes, there are only a couple of functional patches: Improved multitouch detection for all devices and Pixel XL charging behavior adjustments. The latter presumably means the overcurrent charging problem we noted in 8.1 has finally been fixed.

You can download the files for your preferred method of updating just below at the source links.