For us here at Android Police, Google's yearly I/O developer conference is sort of like Christmas. At the event, many of the products and services Google has planned for the near-future get shown off all at once in a short but intense explosion of technology. Even if we sometimes have to wait a bit longer to actually get our hands on the stuff we see, it's still very exciting to watch.

We've got our own expectations for the event (which you'll hear about soon enough), and we've set aside time to tune in on talks we find interesting. But what about you? How much of the event do you plan on watching?

It's tough to precisely determine what Google will reveal at I/O this year, but based on both the history of the event and recent news, we can make a few educated guesses. With the first Android P developer preview already released, we can expect to hear more news on Google's latest vision of the platform—and probably another developer preview release based on the published timeline. We will also likely hear more about the Material Design 2 refresh that's already been pushed out with the recent Gmail redesign. Some of Google's other Android-based platforms, like Wear OS and Android TV, may get a bit of attention as well, and Google's Assistant is always improving.

Most of the important details should come out during the Google Keynote on Tuesday, and many outlets, including us, will be covering the information presented in it for those without the time to watch. We even put together a short list of some talks to catch if you have the time. But with all the news that might be presented and all the various events happening over the three-day conference, how much of I/O do you plan on seeing?

Will you tune in for Google I/O this year?

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