Marmalade Game Studio already has a few digital adaptations of popular Hasbro board games under their belt, so it makes sense that they would be the company to publish an official Battleship game on the Play Store. The thing is, they are very late to the party. For years there have been nothing but clones available on Android, and some of them are actually pretty good. That means BATTLESHIP: Official Edition is going to have some stiff competition on its hands if it wants to succeed.

In order to keep players interested, there are two modes of play available, and each one supports online multiplayer. The first is the classic mode, which is what everyone should be familiar with when they think "Battleship." The second, however, switches things up. This is called the commander mode, and it's billed as "Battleship with a twist." What it does, is it takes the core gameplay of guessing where your opponent's ships are located and adds in a few new mechanics, such as 3 extra core abilities, unique special abilities for each Commander, and new ship shapes.

You can pick up BATTLESHIP: Official Edition today for the introductory price of $0.99. Just keep in mind that there are also in-app purchases included with the release that range from $2.49 - $3.49 per item. These are only used for purchasing new characters and aren't really necessary unless you want to change the theme of your ships and avatar. So at the very least, we know these IAPs don't impact the gameplay, which is appreciated.

While it's always disappointing to see a paid game charging extra for content that should already be included with the initial purchase, I suppose $0.99 isn't a bad deal if you want to jump into an official Battleship game posthaste. Finding a match online only takes a few seconds, and the included single-player content means you can play a few rounds even if you don't enjoy online competitive gameplay. This way everyone's interests should be covered.

Price: $4.99+