Instagram usually makes a big deal about new features, even when they're minor. Yet, it hasn't said a word about its new payments feature, which appears to be rolling out widely in the US. Just head to your Instagram settings, and you'll probably see a new option to add a credit or debit card. There's not much you can buy with it yet, but the possibilities are almost endless.

The payment UI has three tabs. Activity shows the things you've recently purchased on Instagram, which should be blank for everyone right now. Next is Profile, where you can add cards and contact info. Finally, there's the Security tab where you can add a PIN to prevent unauthorized Instagram purchases. As for what you can purchase, Instagram hasn't unlocked this feature for most businesses. Apparently, some restaurants that work with the reservation app Resy have added the option to pay for a booking via Instagram.


Native Instagram payments could be a big deal for the app (technically, it appears backed by Facebook payments). A lot of retailers are very active on Instagram, especially fashion and lifestyle companies. If people can buy just as easily as they can like, impulse purchases on Instagram could rake in serious cash.

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