It looks like Google's got a new direction in mind for its News platform. Sources tell Ad Age that the service is set for an overhaul that will incorporate more videos, functionality similar to that of Google Play Newsstand, and behind-the-scenes changes to make articles load faster. The changes will affect the Google News website on desktop and mobile, as well as introduce an updated app.

The refreshed Google News, which will apparently pull video content from YouTube's news section and absorb parts of Newsstand, is set to be unveiled at Google I/O 2018 next week. An anonymous publishing executive who'd been briefed on Google's plans said the revamp is "a consolidation of all the ways you can interact with news on Google."

In addition to supplying more varied types of content, Google News will utilize the technology that powers Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) feature—the one that makes simplified versions of some mobile pages load super quickly—to deliver that content faster.

The mobile app update will presumably come as a new version of Google's existing News & Weather app. In what would be a refreshing change of pace for Google, which tends to have a handful of apps to perform any given function, Play Newsstand is expected to be shuttered as part of the restructuring.

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