Blu might not be the most famed of Android OEMs, but it does make some serviceable budget devices. If you're looking for a dirt cheap phone — maybe as a second burner handset for taking to festivals or something like that — Daily Steals has got some Blu models for as little as $35 right now. With our $10 coupon code that price can come down to just $25.

There are two different options in the cheapest price bracket. There's the Blu Advance, which has a 4" display, runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and has 4GB of internal storage. Or you can opt for the Grand M, also running Marshmallow, but with a larger 5" screen and twice the storage.

Sure, you're not getting the best specs or the most up-to-date version of Android with these devices, but they could be fine for an occasional or emergency phone. There are A grade and B grade refurbs to choose from, with the A grade models costing around $5 more. They each come with a charger.

The prices are already incredibly low, but if you use our coupon code (APBLU10) you can get an extra $10 off plus free shipping.

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