Need some multi-room or smart speakers in your house? Today's your lucky day. JBL has discounts on 5 of its Chromecast speakers, 4 of which happen to also be voice-activated Google Assistant speakers, and the prices are enticing and nearly the lowest we've ever seen across the board. The deal should last until May 12, 2018, so the promo seems to be geared toward Mother's Day gifting.

First up is the JBL Playlist, a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming speaker with Chromecast and Spotify Connect, and an AUX input for good measure. With 2 x 15W woofers and a passive radiator, it has oomph and power to easily fill a mid to large-sized room. I loved it when I reviewed it last October and I still use it in my living room. There's no microphone here, so you'll need to manually cast to it from your phone or use Google Assistant on your phone or a Google Home.

The Playlist launched at $179.95, but quickly dropped to $149.95 and stabilized at that price. However, now JBL is discounting it even more to $129.95, its lowest price yet. If you want a multi-room speaker and don't need to be able to talk to it, this one is an easy recommendation from me and you can get it in black, white, or that super nice dark blue shade you see above.

Next up is the Link series of voice-activated speakers that you can see in the image at the top. Beside being Google Assistant speakers, these have Bluetooth, WiFi (Chromecast), but no AUX input. So you can group them with your other Chromecast speakers, talk to them, and cast to them from your phone. Each model comes in both white and black colors and the series spans four different sizes, two of which are portable and IPX7-rated, while the other two aren't.

The Link 10 is the smallest one, it's portable with 5hrs of battery life and 2 x 8W power. The Link 20 is larger and more powerful at 2 x 10W with 10hrs of battery life, it currently resides in my kitchen and gets carried to other parts of the house when needed. The Link 300 is stationary and packs 2 x 25W of power. The Link 500 is the most badass of the series and has an output power of 4 x 15W. I already reviewed the first three and came away impressed by their sound and build, though you may need to keep in mind that some Google Home functions haven't rolled to them yet, most notably making calls. And I'd recommend the Link 20 over the 10 any day, unless you want to use it exclusively in a super small space like a bathroom.

Price-wise, the Link 10, 20, and 300 have often been discounted by $50 since launch, but recently their price shot back up. Now it's back down by $50, so while this isn't the most newsworthy of deals, it's available again and makes the speakers' value way more realistic. But as far as I can tell, this may be the first time the Link 500 is discounted and JBL is taking off a whole $100, bringing it down to $300. I haven't tested it, but reviews have been positive. If you're interested, you can check any of them at the different retailers below.