Before Amazon became the go-to place to buy literally anything you want, the company made a name for itself largely by selling physical books. Now, the online retail giant has a neat new service in keeping with its history: Prime Book Box is a subscription plan that will send you a box of either two or four child-friendly books every one, two, or three months for $22.99 per box—at a savings of "up to 35% off List Price."

Shoppers can choose the age range the child they're shopping for is in; the box for the youngest range, baby to two years, comes with four board books per box. The others—three to five, six to eight, and nine to 12—all come with two hardcover books. Books are curated for the age ranges by Amazon, and parents can choose specific books for each box from a list or opt for random selections.

Amazon bills Prime Book Box as "The love of reading, delivered." Plans don't require a commitment—except, of course, an Amazon Prime subscription—and you can skip a scheduled box or cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Three cheers for encouraging kids to read.