There's a new smartphone hitting the market, and that means YouTube channel JerryRigEverything is going to get a unit to mess up. The Huawei P20 Pro isn't available officially in the US, but you're looking at the equivalent of at least $1,000 to get your hands on one. Is it going to break after you spend all that dough? Well, that's a big maybe.

If you're at all familiar with JerryRigEverything durability tests, the P20 Pro video will be very by the numbers. The screen scratches at a hardness level of 6-7, which is what you get on all other phones with tempered glass. The P20 Pro also has glass on the back, and the rim and buttons are metal. That should make it a sturdy phone. The bend test offers a surprise, though.

Interestingly, the P20 Pro seems to flex more than most phones when bent. The glass panel usually provides a lot of structural integrity, but the phone flexes so much that the glass on top of the screen cracks. However, it doesn't affect the actual display. The phone still works, but it doesn't look great.

Huawei does not advertise this phone as having Gorilla Glass like the P10. Thus, it may be some other hardened glass that flexes more. The cracks also appear to emanate from the scratch test region, so the scratches may have weakened the panel. Still, that doesn't happen on phones in other JerryRigEverything tests.