Right now on Amazon, you can get a great deal on an Ultimate Ears Megablast WiFi and Bluetooth speaker. On its own, the Megablast costs just $207, which is $93 less than the MSRP of $299. That's a significant saving, and it applies if you add the charging dock too. With it, the price is $247, adding $40 for the extra convenience.

Richard recently reviewed the Megablast alongside its smaller sibling, the Blast, and was impressed with their performance. There's no doubting that they sound great, but his biggest bugbear with both models was the high price point. Knock almost a third off the cost and the Megablast becomes a much better proposition.

Earlier this month we saw the Megablast with its charging dock for as low as $279 ($61 off), but this latest deal tops that by far. The bundle comes directly from Amazon, but select the speaker alone and it will default to a third party seller that doesn't charge tax. You can also buy it at the same price (well, plus 2 cents) straight from Amazon, but an amount of tax will be added on (depending on where you live).

There are also deals for the Megablast from other retailers out there, but the $216 Best Buy is currently asking is the next cheapest as far as we can see.

The Megablast keeps on blasting down its price. Now you can grab it for $190 on Amazon without the dock ($110 off) and $229.99 with the dock ($110 off as well) from the same links below. Given the updates that are coming soon to the line-up, this is a great time to get in on the deal.