YouTube wants you to keep coming back for more. It's understandable for any service, but more so for one that capitalizes on you watching videos daily and finding more compelling and interesting content all the time. YouTube's homepage often guesses what you're interested in watching (and at least for me, it gets it right), combining new videos from channels you already subscribe to with videos similar to ones you've already seen and timely content you're likely interested in. Many of the latter two usually come from channels you don't subscribe to, but you may want to do that. And now YouTube is starting to nudge you in that direction.

A few users are starting to see a new line below some videos on their homepage, saying "Love channel_name? Never miss an upload!" with a big red Subscribe button next to it. From what we've been told, these "helpful suggestions" to subscribe are only showing up for channels the users already watch a lot of content from, so they do seem harmless.

I don't see this on my devices or accounts, so it looks like a limited server-side test. Hopefully, however, if it rolls out to more users, the suggestions will really stay limited to channels you frequently watch and go away if you ignore them a couple of times. No one needs to be nagged to subscribe to a channel that they just like watching sometimes or that they don't want in their subscription list.

  • Thanks:
  • Alexis Barrientos,
  • Mendy Marcus