It feels like years have passed, but it was only a little more than a year ago when the hottest topic (and joke) on the block was Samsung and its Note 7's propensity to spontaneously go up in flames. But the Note being the Note meant that despite many a recall program, several updates supposed to render the device useless, and dozens of offers to tempt users to give back their phones, some held onto their precious Note 7 like a little collector item. Samsung capitalized on it by releasing a special Galaxy Note Fan Edition (notice the missing "7") last February with a very similar design and internals as the Note 7, save for a few differences (smaller 3200mAh battery, no Samsung logo on the front, Fan Edition inscription on the back, and Bixby.)

The ill-fated Note 7 would live on to see a happy ending and now this reincarnation is getting an even better piece of news. If you've bought a Note FE, you're likely to get an update to Android 8.0 Oreo soon. The OTA started rolling out in South Korea and contains the April security patch as well. We're not sure when it will show up for variants around the world, but at least you know that Samsung hasn't forgotten about its little snafu and following fix-up and will update the Fan Edition just like it does its other devices. And we can all appreciate this.