The original Snapchar Spectacles were something of a fad when you could only get them from a handful of vending machines. However, the hype died down when they became generally available. Snap ended up losing money on unsold hardware, but it hasn't given up on Spectacles. The second-gen specs are now available. They cost a bit more, but they include several new features.

The new Spectacles look similar to the old ones, which is to say they're weird. Snap says the glasses are lighter and more comfortable to wear, though. You can capture images as well as videos (the old version was video-only), and it's all in HD now. Transfers to your phone have been sped up by a factor of four to compensate for the increased file sizes. Finally, the new Spectacles are water resistant down to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

You can pick up the new Spectacles right now for $150—that's $20 more than the old ones. They come in ruby, sapphire, and onyx colors with your choice of a few different lens colors. Initial demand has apparently pushed the shipping timeline to between two and three weeks.