Connected security cameras seem to be popping up all over the place these days and while they're really tempting for some of us, the high cost of entry is deterring. Luckily, we can count on sales to help ease that monetary burden a bit. Canary's all-in-one 1080p indoor security camera has fallen below $100, sitting at $98.57 on both Amazon and Chewy. That's $70.43 off.

This camera features Alexa and Assistant integration, a 147° wide-angle lens, a built-in siren, a climate monitor, and motion tracking. One of Canary's highlights is that this is a perfect way to see what your pets are up to while you're gone (I sure would love some footage of my cats being weird). Since it's connected to the internet, you can get alerts on your phone if the camera detects something amiss like an intruder or whatnot.

If you want to spend a tiny, tiny bit more, you can also pick this up from Best Buy for $100.99. Otherwise, choose Amazon or Chewy and get started. Source links are below; you know what to do.