Snapchat will soon be gaining a set of augmented reality games called Snappables, Snap announced today. Snappables, which should roll out to Snapchatters later this week, are a new form of interactive Lenses through which users can play together (or by themselves) using AR. Some games can be controlled via more traditional methods like touch, but others can be played using motion and even facial expressions.

Games can be started directly from Snapchat's Lens Carousel and will be located to the left of the capture button, unlike existing filters, which are currently to the right. Some Snappables let users play solo and then challenge friends to beat their high score, while others are multiplayer games that can be played simultaneously with other Snapchatters.

Snap has shared some of the games that should be available later this week, with a few of them seeming genuinely amusing. One of the games teased will let players go for a virtual weight-lifting session using only their eyebrows. The game is not unlike Rainbrow, an (unfortunately) iPhone X exclusive app in which you control an emoji using only your facial expression. It's surprisingly entertaining to play (it's even fun just to watch others play), and Snapchat might be onto something if it's able to churn out a few games as unique as Rainbrow.

Snap believes that Snappables are "just the beginning of a new type of AR experience on Snapchat," hinting at plans to continue exploring new features within the app. As Snapchat's core features, like Stories and ephemeral messages, end up copied on rivaling platforms, the app will have to pivot onto new endeavors in order to maintain growth and attract new users. Not all of its recent bets have paid off, but perhaps a focus on AR might just provide the boost Snapchat needs to remain relevant.