Spotify has a lot of competition in the streaming music space, but today it announced a new feature that could set it apart. Even if you choose not to pay for a premium Spotify subscription, you can now choose specific tracks to stream. Previously, the free version of the service only supported shuffle mode.

This is not, however, a complete free-for-all. Free users have their pick of on-demand songs from Spotify's 15 top playlists, including the personalized Discover Weekly mix. Spotify says the on-demand tracks amount to 750 songs or 40 hours of content. The free version of the service (which still has ads) is Spotify's main way of attracting new users who sometimes upgrade to premium subscriptions.

Spotify has also rolled out some new personalization tools for custom playlists. As you add tracks, Spotify will begin learning what you like. The service then suggests more songs to add. And when you're streaming on a limited data plan or in areas with poor coverage, there's a new data saver toggle that optimizes music to save bandwidth. The new free experience will hit devices in the coming weeks.