Deezer today brought its new Flow tab to mobile, making the music you love easier to access. The Flow tab is home to the Flow feature, which still works just as you’d expect, as well as personalized playlists based on what you listen to and inspired by your favorite artists.

Deezer’s Flow feature is perfect for those who know what kind of music they like, but aren’t always sure what to listen to. Tap the Flow button and you’ll be greeted with a never-ending mix of music from your favorites and recommendations that you know you’re going to love. The Flow feature itself isn’t changing, but now there’s a Flow tab that lets you enjoy more of that action.

Inside the Flow tab, you’ll find a bunch of personalized playlists that let you enjoy something a little more specific. Each one has been created using data about your listening habits, and you’ll find new ones inside the Flow tab every day. So, if you want to listen to rock music without running into any pop, simply select the Flow tab to suit. You will also find playlists “inspired by” your favorite artists.

These are great for discovering new music you might not have stumbled upon otherwise. When you hear a track you like, you can favorite it so that it’s easy to find later, or add it to an existing playlist. You can also create a new playlist using all the “inspired by” tracks so that you can enjoy the whole list again later.

The Flow tab can be enjoyed on mobile today. If you don’t see it right away, close the Deezer app and restart it and it should appear.