Judging by the number of views on every AP article about Mario or Pokemon, it's easy to tell that there are a TON of Nintendo fans amongst AP's readership. It's also a safe bet that a lot of you own a Nintendo Switch.

One of the best things about the Switch is that it's the first truly go-anywhere console. You can toss it in your backpack, gym bag, or even your sweatpants pocket and take it with you wherever you go. The only downside is that beyond the safe confines of your home, there are lots of things that can scratch up the finish of your beautiful device.

If you are fastidious about all your mobile device's condition like our team at Android Police, you can avoid scratching and scuffing with dbrand's brand new Nintendo Switch skins and tempered glass. Yes, emphasis on new – that's because the Switch is a bit high maintenance in one regard: skins with standard adhesives can damage the Switch's delicate plastic. The discovery of this flaw was kinda a big deal on Reddit, and it led to dbrand halting sales of all Switch skins.

Well, over the last year, dbrand has worked side-by-side with their buddies over at 3M to develop a unique adhesive– one made specifically for the Switch and its sensitive skin. The result? An entirely new product line of 10 exclusive materials all of which are safe for use on the Switch and will leave absolutely no damage to your console or Joy-Cons upon removal of the skin.

Seven of the colors are brand spanking new to the dbrand line-up, in extra vibrant, glossy shades that will make your Switch the envy of your local coffee house, cafeteria, bus stop, or wherever else you play Breath of the Wild.

The new skins are available to order immediately, along with another new product for dbrand – Tempered Glass screen protectors. These beauties come in a two pack (in case you screw-up your first one) and are specially designed to fit perfectly within the bezel of the dbrand console skins.

Here's a breakdown of the pricing:

    • Joy-Cons: $4.95
    • Console Body: $9.95
    • Dock Face: $6.95
    • Dock Accents: $ 7.95
    • Tempered Glass 2-pack: $9.95

Orders over $20 ship free, so what are you waiting for? Head on over and check out dbrand's Switch skin customization tool and build your own ideal look. With ten color options, there are thousands of combinations to choose from.

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