Amazon is working in earnest on domestic robots, Bloomberg reports. The project is being called Vesta, after the goddess of home and family in Roman mythology. Amazon apparently hopes to begin testing the robots by the end of this year, and is targeting a 2019 launch date.

The company has a robotics division that builds the industrial machines that do automated work in its warehouses, but this project is being overseen by Gregg Zehr, president of Amazon's Lab126. Lab126 is the California-based hardware team responsible for the Echo and Fire product lines, and has recently posted a number of robotics-related positions on its jobs page.

Vesta could be like a mobile Echo device that moves from room to room on its own, navigating its environment in much the same way self-driving cars do. Amazon reportedly hopes to have employees using prototypes in their homes sometime this year. A spokesperson for Amazon declined request for comment.