Phones these days are getting increasing amounts of internal storage as standard, but it's always nice to have more space. SanDisk's 256GB Ultra USB Type-C/USB-A dual drive has dropped to just $64.99, a far cry from the ~$95 it started at. If you need some extra local storage and/or you need to transfer files between your computer and your phone often, this is worth your consideration.

The Amazon description is oddly short, only listing computer compatibility, but it doesn't need much description. Push the side-mounted slider one way, and a USB-C connector will emerge for use with any of your USB-C devices (phones, MacBooks, etc). Push it the other way, and a USB-A connector will come out. There are some complaints about slow write speeds, but the drive still has a 4.1/5-star rating overall. Read speeds are fast, though.

$64.99 is the lowest price we've seen for this drive; it's been averaging at around $76 for the past few months. Shipping is free. Hit the source link below to pick one up.