There are a few reasons you might be hesitant to buy wireless headphones. You might be worried that they have poor battery life, lower audio quality, or could drop the connection. Those concerns might be justified for a bargain basement set of headphones by some company you've never heard of, but Optoma's NuForce BE Free8 headphones give you all the obvious benefits of truly wireless headphones without the drawbacks.

First of all, these headphones are designed to please people who care about sound quality. These are the only truly wireless headphones to support aptX Low Latency, one of the latest and greatest Bluetooth audio standards. They also support AAC encoding, offering another option for getting top notch sound. This paired with the dynamic micro driver coated with NuForce's Sonic coating combine to provide unsurpassed quality in this space.

The two ear buds communicate with one another using near-field magnetic induction (NFMI), which means the buds do not have to maintain a second Bluetooth connection just to stay in sync. You can also have full functionality while using only the left earpiece if you prefer to have an "open" ear.

These truly wireless headphones offer 4 continuous hours of audio play and voice conversations. Using the included charging case (see above), you can get up to 3 full recharges without needing any access to an outlet. That means you can have 16 hours of active use without needing to plug anything in.

The NuForce BE Free8 ear buds also include SpinFit ear tips, which provide secure fit and noise isolation. The tips can, as the name suggests, spin around the post they're mounted on until you find the most comfortable fit.

This will come in handy if you want to wear them while you exercise or brave the elements. Another useful feature of the BE Free8 truly wireless headphones is they are IPX5 rated for sweat proofing and weather resistance, which means you can take them on all your adventures without risk of them getting ruined.

You can learn more or buy now for $129 at Amazon, B&H, Fry's, and Newegg.

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