Sony's Xperia XZ2 series is up for pre-order now, but the Premium version is still a little ways off from being available. It'll also likely cost a fortune by the time it launches. So if you want a premium experience and you're a fan of Sony's hardware and/or software, you can turn your head to the previous generation XZ Premium, which is now at an all-time low of $525 on Amazon.

The XZ Premium launched for $799 at first, but then the MSRP was lowered to a more approachable $699. It's still the quoted price now, though recently the phone has settled around $600. $525 is less than that still and the lowest we've seen it reach.

The XZ Premium carries Sony's older blocky design language, but the specs are very respectable: 5.5" 4K HDR display, Snapdragon 835, 64GB storage with MicroSD slot, 4GB RAM, 19MP camera with 960fps video recording, and 3230mAh battery. Only the chrome color is discounted on Amazon to the low $525 price and there are 20 units left at the time of writing, so you better make up your mind quickly.