Motorola is about due for some new phones, and they're probably not far off now. You can tell because some new devices just showed up in a changelog for the Moto Voice app. The app now includes support for new features on the Moto G6 and G6 Plus. Oops.

The new G phones appear in the changelog, as well as in a screenshot (see above). Here's the changelog for the Moto Voice update, which is apparently a beta release with a new app icon.

  • Moto Voice BETA supports new features for 2018 moto g(6) and g(6) plus
  • Commands access to vast cloud knowledge base
  • Voice control for most popular 3rd party application in the following regions: US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Latin America, India, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Russia
  • Voice control for the most useful settings on the phone

All we can really say about the phones from this update is they exist. We can't say when they'll appear or what they'll be like. However, Moto Voice will apparently be more capable on the G6-series. Motorola dumbed this feature down substantially last year to the point that it only does a handful of things. This changelog mentions third-party app control and a "cloud knowledge base." Presumably, we'll get more details on this when Motorola announces the phones.

Moto Voice BETA
Moto Voice BETA
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