Buying Google's gadgets can be very difficult if you live in a country where they're not officially available. Overpriced black markets, questionable imports, and difficulty of finding support are some of the issues you face. But after today, that won't be the case for Android and Google fans in Singapore as the official Store is now launched in their country.

The Google Store in Singapore carries 6 products so far, but they're arguably the most interesting. There's the Pixel 2 XL, but only the 64GB version, though you can choose between the full black one or the black and white (lovingly called Panda) colors. Both the Home (no extra base colors) and Home Mini (all 3 colors) are available, so is the Google Wifi (only 1-pack), the Chromecast, and the Pixel Buds. Assistant on the Google Home has also been updated to support English (Singapore) as a language, so it can understand you better and offer more appropriate content.

Below you'll find a link to each product on the Google Store in Singapore, with its corresponding price in SGD. Yes, they're quite expensive compared to the US, as always.