Google Family Link debuted last year as a way for parents to create Google accounts for kids 13 and younger and keep tabs on their usage of Android devices. According to a new Google For Families Help support page, though, the service is now available on Chromebooks as well. That's good news, since Chrome's Supervised Users feature that previously allowed parents to limit their children's access to certain features of Chrome OS was killed off in January.

Signing into a Chromebook with a child account created in the Google Family Link app will block violent and sexually explicit content on the web, prevent the use of incognito mode, and won't allow installing Chrome or Android apps. Parents aren't yet able to set screen time limits or remotely lock the device the way they can for their children's Android devices, however.

When Google announced it was sunsetting Chrome Supervised Users, it said it was "working on a new set of Chrome OS supervision features specifically for the needs of families to launch later this year." It's unclear whether Family Link support constitutes those features. Google Family Link is currently only supported on Chromebooks in the United States.

Google Family Link
Google Family Link
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