Nest has all but taken over the smart thermostat market, and it introduced the Thermostat E late last year as a budget-oriented alternative to its standard Learning Thermostat. At its regular price of $169, the Thermostat E was already a great buy, but Woot is now offering brand-new units for an incredible $109.99.

Our own Ryan reviewed the Nest Thermostat E back in November and walked away very impressed. In fact, he said "it's kind of silly not to buy one." He liked the design, the Nest app, the Google Assistant integration, the scheduling features, the easy installation, and the price. The Thermostat E doesn't support as many wiring configurations as the standard Learning Thermostat, though, and the frosted display doesn't support the Farsight feature. Nonetheless, it was a good deal at $169, and a $59 discount makes it that much better.

Woot is limiting purchase quantities to 10 per person, which will probably be fine with most people. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime members. If your house is still using a regular, old thermostat, you should really consider upgrading to one of these.