Razer's first smartphone came out last year, and no surprise, it was marketed as a "gaming" phone. I don't know how you have a gaming phone without RGB LEDs, but I digress. If you've been on the fence about the Razer Phone, now may be the time to pick it up thanks to the new $100 discount. That drops the price to $599.99.

The Razer Phone has a 120Hz screen with a big 4,000mAh battery (for gaming, I guess), and it's finally getting Oreo. The OTA update is rolling out now, so you should have Android 8.1 waiting for you when you open the box. Well, assuming you take advantage of this offer, of course.

The discount is only available on Razer's site, not on Best Buy or Amazon. Just add the phone to your cart and use 120HZ as the code at checkout. That knocks $100 off the price, bringing it to a somewhat more reasonable $599.99 (shipping is free). That's still up there, but maybe the Razer Phone has everything you want in a new mobile device.

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