Changes are afoot at Spotify. The company, which went public recently, has a press conference scheduled for April 24. It's still a little early (and would be impressively fast) to see the potential hardware the company is working on, but all bets are open on the software side and it looks like Spotify will indeed be focusing the conference on its mobile app.

Over the past months, nay year, we've seen test after test in the Spotify app. A fullscreen playback screen pops up every now and then for users, a new UI started showing up recently with 3 bottom tabs and a focus on playlists (which I am eager to get), and then there's the driving mode that uses voice actions to control music as well as the Stations app which was being tested in Australia. Any and all of these are possible subjects for next week's conference, and there might be other novelties we still haven't seen.

We'll keep our eyes, and ears, open for any announcement from Spotify's side next week and let you know. I'm just going to sit here and hope for a faster way to get to playlists and a better way to organize them.