"Ok Google, remind me to fill you up with chocolate hobnobs."

Thanks to a wonderful error spotted in the UK, the shopping card in Google Search seems to think Google Home Mini is a 'Vintage Retro Biscuit Tin.' I'm sure bugs of this sort happen all the time, but it's especially funny that it's happened to one of Google's own devices.


The reviews are positive, noting that the product is "easy to use," "great value," and "lightweight" — all important features of a biscuit tin. It does seem a tad pricey when compared to other cookie containers on the market, but many of those don't include cast functionality or smart home integration so you get what you pay for.

Only the name really seems to be affected, since all of the buying options link to retailers stocking the Assistant-equipped smart speaker. We only know of this occurring in the UK, but do give "Google Home Mini" a search where you are and see what happens.

And it's fixed