Deezer has been testing SongCatcher, its in-app music recognition tool for several months, and now it's ready to launch it for all Android users. Later today, starting 3pm CET (in about 3 hours at the time of writing), the functionality should be live for everyone using the Android Deezer app.

SongCatcher is like Shazam, but integrated inside the app. It should recognize any of 53 million songs playing around you, but it goes a step further by letting you quickly add any track to your favorites or playlists, then play all of them. Track recognition is important in this day when music is playing everywhere around us from coffee shops to stores, pubs, clubs, and friends' houses and I'd much prefer this step happened inside the app I'm already using to stream instead of going through another app and not have an end-to-end proper integration. Deezer is doing the right thing here, and I hope other music services follow suit.

SongCatcher will be available to both Freemium users (though they can only hear their saved tracks in shuffle mode) and paid users. It'll be accessible from the Search tab in the Deezer app or through a homescreen Audio search app shortcut. Both aren't yet live for me - I tried the latest stable (v5.4.19.9) and the beta ( - so I couldn't test it properly. It's not clear whether an app update will roll around 3pm CET or a server-side switch is being flipped progressively for more and more users, but either way, SongCatcher should be there by then.