Nokia kicked off 2018 by announcing a revamped version of the Nokia 6, which is creatively called the Nokia 6 (2018). Last we heard, the new Nokia 6 was supposed to launch in the US this May, but there are listings up today on Amazon and Walmart for the US version of the phone. It can be yours for about $270.

The Nokia 6 (2018) is a mid-range phone, but it's a step up from last year's version. Rather than the underpowered Snapdragon 430, the new Nokia 6 has a Snapdragon 630. You also get a 5.5-inch 1080p LCD, an aluminum frame, 32GB of storage, 3GB of RAM, and a 16MP camera. The fingerprint sensor has moved to the back this year, and it uses on-screen navigation buttons. This phone runs Android 8.1, and it's an Android One device in accordance with Nokia/HMD's new policy. That should mean fast, clean software and shorter waits for updates.

The Amazon listing is a third-party seller, but the device is a US variant. The Walmart page is not a third-party. Both are priced around $270 (a little more on Walmart right now). Interestingly, the two retail listings so far both call this phone the Nokia 6.1. We've reached out to HMD to find out if this is the real name in the US, as well as what other retailers will sell the phone.

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