The Google Pixelbook is a pretty fantastic laptop, but every tech product has a few bugs. Recently, some owners have been reporting a nasty reboot bug, where the Pixelbook will randomly restart while in use. The frequency varies from report to report, with one even saying it occurred every 1-10 minutes. Yikes.

Thankfully, the glitch has now been fixed, at least according to Google. Kevin Kirk, a support manager for the company, left the following response on several threads about the issue:

Hi all,

Sorry for the inconvenience, our engineers have found the cause and fixed it. Please make sure that you've updated to 10323.67.5 on 65 Stable and that should prevent you from randomly rebooting in the future.


Hopefully the bug has been fixed once and for all. After all, if you're paying $800+ for a laptop, it probably shouldn't reboot every 10 minutes.

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