Fitbit has shown a commitment to smartwatches that few other companies have. It launched the Ionic late last year and pushed a number of major software updates to it. Now, the Fitbit Versa is available for purchase. It's Fitbit's second true smartwatch, and I like it better than the first one. It's also cheaper than the last watch at $200.

The Versa is a bit more compact than the Ionic, and the design is nicer overall in spite of the Apple Watch vibe. If you've used a Fitbit tracker of some sort, you get all the advanced fitness features of those devices in the Versa. It can monitor your heart rate, detect exercise, and track steps. Then there are the smartwatch-y things like custom watch faces, apps, and notifications. It runs FitbitOS 2.0, which will have quick reply messaging and female health tracking next month.

The Versa doesn't have GPS or NFC (for Fitbit Pay), but there's a special edition version of the watch for $30 more that adds the NFC back. The standard version is $199.95 and comes in silver, black, or rose gold. Only the standard black model is available for immediate shipping (it's still another week or two for the others). You can get it on Amazon or direct from Fitbit.