The Daydream View (2017) virtual reality headset was announced last October along with the Pixel 2 devices, bringing better lenses, a better fabric material, and a controller that matches its color. Ever since, it has dipped from its $99 MSRP price a few times, the last of which was a half-off at Best Buy in March. Now the offer is back, but it's not just Best Buy that is discounting it: the same $49 price is available on the Google Store and a few other retailers.

If you're intrigued by Virtual Reality and don't want to invest in thousands of dollars worth of equipment, the Daydream View remains one of the cheapest ways to dip your toes and see the potential uses. There are plenty of games (check Matt's roundup of 30 great ones), apps, and several ways to enjoy 360-deg video and photo content on these headsets.

The discount will last until April 28 on the Google Store, and likely the other retailers as well. Google also has a few average offers on other products, so if you wanted more Home Minis, you can grab 2 for $20 less ($39/Mini), and there's $5 off the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, and $10 off the Chromecast Ultra.