Things must be busy at the Googleplex right now. That's the only reason I can think that Google couldn't get someone to dump the latest platform distribution data online for the last six weeks. The last time we had fresh numbers was the beginning of February, but Google has just issued an out-of-cycle dashboard update with new numbers. There are no surprises here—Oreo is still growing (slowly) and old versions of Android are shrinking (slowly).

Here's a breakdown of this month's numbers, which are compared to February 2018 as that was the last data point we had.

We're missing data from March, and the data is two weeks late in April. That makes it tough to evaluate the change month-to-month. However, we can look at where Oreo is right now compared to Nougat last April. As of early April 2017, Nougat was at a combined 4.9% of active Android devices. Both versions of Oreo right now add up to 4.6%. So, it's in the same ballpark, but falling slightly behind Nougat.

There's been zero change in the share of Android 2.3, 4.0, or 4.1 in the last few months. Some newer builds are down a bit, but Nougat is still gaining usage at a slower rate than Oreo. The trends are stable right now, but hopefully, Android P picks up steam faster thanks to Oreo's Treble support when it drops later this year.