Samsung's high-end Chromebook Pro was one of the better Chromebooks released last year. The 12.3" 2400x1600 display was among the best I'd ever seen in a laptop, and the Core m3 was a more than adequate bump over the ARM-wielding Chromebook Plus. The only real complaints I ever heard or had with the devices were related to the keyboard. Travel was terrible, and it wasn't backlit. Well, Samsung has just fixed one of those problems. 

Yesterday Samsung dropped a slightly updated version of the Chromebook Pro onto its site, listed as "Samsung Chromebook Pro with Backlit Keyboard." So far as we can tell from the specifications posted, everything is identical between the two models, save the addition of a backlit keyboard. That's a bit disappointing, as it means in 2018 you get the same 2016-2017-era Core m3, the same 4GB of RAM, and the same 32GB of storage, for the same $599 price.

We'll have to see once we get a chance to play with one ourselves, but unless the keyboard travel is also significantly improved, It may be hard to recommend the updated Chromebook Pro without a price drop over other devices that may launch this year. Pushing the same product for the same price a year later is something I'd expect from LG, not Samsung.