Weeks after its official end, it feels like winter is finally relenting, and Google seems to be getting into the vernal spirit: the company shared a number of spring-themed wallpapers on its Instagram Story yesterday, featuring its trademark color scheme in a variety of warm-weather scenes with the message "Happy Spring Screening." One of the screens in particular, featuring Google-colored ice pops, looks like it could be a tease for the full name of the upcoming Android P—but it almost certainly isn't.

The screens won't be up on Instagram for much longer (such is the nature of Stories), but 9to5Google tossed them in a public Google Drive folder. You can also view them all below.

Speculation that Android P would be named Popsicle has been floating around forever. Despite its popular generic usage, Popsicle is actually a registered trademark owned by Unilever. Considering Google made the requisite deals to make Android KitKat happen, that Popsicle is trademarked doesn't necessarily preclude its use as a version name; what does make Popsicle seem a less likely candidate, though, is how blatant a hint this would be—Google isn't in the habit of revealing version names so far in advance. Still, the frozen treats make for a pretty nice wallpaper for the warmer months.