Xiaomi is probably recognizable among our readers for its phones, and maybe even for its earbud headphones. But I doubt many of us think of cameras when we think of the 5th largest smartphone manufacturer. That said, someday we might. According to Bloomberg, Xiaomi is considering making an offer on GoPro.

This news follows the January announcement that GoPro would be leaving the drone business as part of its broader financial woes. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman remarked in an interview at the time that he was open to selling the company. "If there was an opportunity to merge GoPro with a larger parent company," said Woodman, "that could help us scale our business and provide a better return on investment [...] we would welcome the opportunity to explore such an opportunity."

Based on the news of Xiaomi's interest, it looks like he might have found a buyer. Details are still sparse, but The Information believes GoPro could fetch as much as a billion dollars, though I question the validity of a comparison to HP's acquisition of Palm.

If Xiaomi does end up buying GoPro, I hope they do more than just use the name.