In a world full of ways to express oneself, sticker packs and emoticons remain some of my favorites. Being a user of Telegram, I often take advantage of the stickers there (my favorite is the Geralt of Rivia/Witcher pack). SwiftKey is continuing to add new features via its Toolbar. Now users can look for two new items: a set of emoticons from Skype and a Halo sticker pack.

There are twenty-four animated emoticons to choose from, adding a bit more personality to otherwise static emojis. Heavy Skype users, current or former, should appreciate what's on offer here. The Halo pack includes eight stickers, and some of them are even animated. But there is a part of the announcement blog post that just reads funny:

"The new Halo stickers make it easy to bring your passion for the game from your Xbox to your phone, giving you a new way to engage with your friends and opponents right from your device."

As a long-time, though recently-diminished, Halo fan, this definitely gave me a chuckle or two. Anyway, simply update SwiftKey (I have them on v7.0.1.21), tap the + to open the Toolbar, then select stickers. You'll need to install the Halo pack and Skype emoticons, but after that, you're ready to go.