Nest has launched several new pieces of hardware this year including the Hello and Cam IQ Outdoor. We're still waiting on the promised temperature sensor, though. It shouldn't be long now—Nest has updated its app with support for that device, and it also added some new features for the Nest Hello and Secure.

Here's the changelog for the new Nest update.

  • Support for the Nest Temperature Sensor. Control the temperature in the room that is most relevant for you – not just where your thermostat happens to be.
  • Nest Secure users can set the alarm to go off instantly. Nest Guard can make a sound when a door or window is opened.
  • With Quiet time you can turn your home’s indoor chime on and off. Set a duration for how long you would like to mute your chime.

The temperature sensor pairs with Nest thermostats to adjust the setting based on the temperature in other parts of your house rather than just where the thermostat is located. It's still only available for pre-order at $39 for one or $99 for three.

The Nest Secure finally adds support for immediate alarms when the system is tripped. Previously, there was a countdown of at least 30 seconds. The Hello gets a new timer for Quiet Time (it was just on or off before) as well as the option to only disable the indoor chime. You can grab the latest update in the Play Store right now.

Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
Price: Free