IFTTT, the internet's best solution so far to connect the disparate online services and smart devices we use to each other, keeps on adding support for new channels. Today we have six new services that are now compatible with it, so you can sign into them on IFTTT and build automations around them either as a trigger or an action.

Of the six services, the one that sounds the most familiar to me is IntuiFace, but you may be looking at one of the other five and squealing in joy. (In a respectable manner, of course.) So without further ado, here are the new channels on IFTTT:

  • IntuiFace, a platform for making interactive digital experiences without writing code. The channel lets you control your experiences by voice, create email and calendar automations, and integrate your Google Photos or iOS photos in IntuiFace.
  • Atmoph, a digital painting-like display with interactive animations. IFTTT gives you automations to turn on/off the display, change the scene, or view the weather / clock / calendar.
  • Hubitat, a local home automation hub with support for ZigBee and Z-Wave plus cloud-connected devices. The channel lets you use any sensor trigger from Hubitat (open/close, on/off, motion, presence, temperature, water) and execute any mode changes or actions on its devices.
  • Turn Touch, a 4-button wooden physical remote that controls smart devices and Macs. The channel essentially makes the Turntouch a physical button for any other IFTTT service and action.
  • Yalp, a music chords app. The channel lets you analyze YouTube videos and transcribe them to chords automatically.
  • Trygve, a security system built with communities in mind. With the channel, you can cancel or trigger an alarm on Trygve based on triggers from other services.

If you were waiting for one of these services to show up on IFTTT, you're in luck. And remember, now that they're there, you can control them from your Google Home and Assistant.