Back in November, Snapchat rolled out an update that, in part, sorted users' Stories feeds algorithmically, which ostensibly placed a greater emphasis on the content people actually cared to see. According to TechCrunch, though, that change has been reversed for a lot of users, with feeds appearing in reverse chronological order again.

While chronological sorting may make more sense intuitively, it can also fail to surface content from users who aren't as active, as that content gets drowned out by others who post more frequently. Algorithmic sorting could benefit more casual users who don't check the app as frequently. A fair compromise could be to allow users to choose between the two feed styles, but no such option is currently available.

TechCrunch reports that Twitter and Instagram both saw growth after switching to algorithmically-sorted feeds, which may have spurred Snapchat to try a similar tact after its daily active user growth fell following Instagram's introduction of its own Stories feature.

Snapchat has yet to comment on yesterday's update.

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