Most reputable sites on the internet are registered under the .com top-level domain. For what amounts to essentially meaningless historic reasons, people will generally agree that a domain that ends in .com feels more official than one ending in, say, .net or .biz. Of course, as more and more people and businesses come online, it becomes harder and harder to grab a relevant domain name — let alone one that ends in .com — and so you're often forced to settle for second best.

OnePlus came across this problem when it first attempted to register a website: since the .com domain was already taken and too expensive to buy, it opted to host its website on instead. Today, the company has revealed that it has managed to finally acquire the elusive domain name from the previous owner for an undisclosed amount and has moved its online presence to the new domain, with the old .net domain now redirecting to

According to the Wayback Machine, the previous owner of the domain was OnePlus Systems, a company specialized in manufacturing in "container fullness and control systems." It seems the company had been using the domain as a redirect to its main domain since 2002, so it's unlikely to suffer too much from having sold the domain. Prior to that, the domain was owned by a company called Net-tel in the pre-dotcom bubble era, when the "big three" was synonymous to AT&T, MCI, and Sprint.

According to, the change in ownership of the domain actually took place sometime on or before March 16, since that was the last time the registrar's information was updated.

To celebrate the change, OnePlus is having a small giveaway on its forum page. Fans are invited to share a personal major life milestone, and five randomly-selected winners will receive a OnePlus backpack and notebook.