Swedish furniture purveyor Ikea has unveiled its first Bluetooth speakers in a line it's calling Eneby. The little guys come in eight- and 12-inch varieties, each available in black or white. The larger speaker has to be plugged into a power source to operate; a rechargeable battery pack is available separately, but it's only compatible with the smaller model.

The eight-inch speaker comes equipped with a handle for added portability (Ikea recommends taking it on a picnic) and costs $49; the 12-inch is more of a stationary affair and runs $89. Both are housed in plastic with polyester front panels that are removable if you prefer a more stripped-down look. You can pick up a display stand for $10, and the rechargeable battery for the smaller speaker is $20.


In an age of smart everything, and coming after Ikea's introduction of wireless charging-enabled lamps and desks and its own line of connected light bulbs, Bluetooth speakers seem a little regressive; at this point, it would've been nice to see wifi-enabled hardware. Still, if Ikea's particular flavor of Scandinavian minimalism is your jam, the speakers are pretty fetching—plus Google Home's recently-unlocked ability to connect to Bluetooth speakers should make them a little easier to use.