Back in July of last year, Samsung announced that its home-baked payment system, Samsung Pay, was adding PayPal as a payment method. Nine months later Samsung seems to be making good on that declaration. We've received reports that people are finally seeing the option to add a PayPal account as a form of payment in Samsung Pay.


New "Add Paypal" option, left; Samsung Pay changelog, right. Images via WinDroidGuy.

The workflow seems simple enough. Once you've got the new feature, an option to Add Paypal appears in the Add payment card section of the "Add" screen—itself accessible via an appropriately named button at the top right of the app's main screen.

One of our readers with this new PayPal option reports that the version required to trigger the behavior is the recently released v2.8.29. I don't have a Samsung device on hand to confirm, but the timeline for that update lines up with the recent reports. If you don't see any updates for Samsung Pay on your Galaxy phone, those estimable and good-natured folks at APK Mirror have got the goods.

Even so, Samsung's changelog states that you may not see the option for a couple of days. As with every rollout, YMMV.

Paypal has made the news of the rollout official.