After almost a year, it looks like Google is once again rolling out inline app changelogs in the Play Store. This handy feature shows you exactly what's new right in the updates screen (assuming the dev has written a proper changelog, which isn't always guaranteed), which is definitely a positive thing.

Over in the "Updates" tab of My Apps & Games, you'll see a little down arrow next to the app size and the last time you updated. Hitting that arrow will bring down the changelog in a green box. It's a snazzy, extremely handy little feature, especially if you like to know what's getting changed or fixed in your favorite applications (and don't want to go to each app's page to find out).


Most of our devices here have it. Some of us are still on Play Store v9.4.18 and have the change, while some others are on the new 9.5.09. If you're not seeing those inline changelogs yet, you can download the newest Play Store over at APK Mirror. For me, I went to Settings -> Play Store version and tapped it; despite it telling me that I was up to date, when I went over into My Apps & Games, I saw the arrows. All that to say, you can try both methods if you're not seeing this yet.

We are continuing to get tips about this feature from people who missed the post yesterday, so I'm bumping it up for visibility this weekend. And because I really really love this feature.


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