Did you ever pick up the fantastic Twitter client Flamingo? Well, you missed your chance. Thanks to Twitter's ridiculous API token limit, another Twitter client has been cut down in its prime. Developer Sam Ruston confirms the client has been removed from the Play Store because it's almost out of tokens, so you can't buy it anymore.

Twitter started limiting the spread of third-party Twitter clients back in 2012 by instituting the token limit. Every time you log into a Twitter client, it uses up one of the app's tokens. There are only 100,000 of those, and the app can't add new users once they're gone. Twitter has supposedly eased up on the token limit in the last year or two, but apps still regularly hit the wall. For example, Fenix ran dry in 2016.

If you purchased Flamingo previously, you can keep using it. The app should be accessible in the Play Store to reinstall, but no new users can buy it. Ruston says he does not plan to develop a sequel app as many others have done. Considering the inability to add more users, I wouldn't count on too many future updates to Flamingo. Ruston says there will be some updates, but it won't be a priority.

Flamingo for Twitter
Flamingo for Twitter
Developer: Sam Ruston
Price: $1.99+
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